January 1, 2022 We will no longer be able to take any special orders. We will be a retail supplier only through our vendors. 

Chocolate Mini Cakes to Delight Your Palate

Yum Yum Chocolates offers a variety of yummy desserts that will surely satisfy your cravings! We have bite-sized cakes for sale that come in different flavors. Some of which includes:

Dark Chocolate - Carrot - Lemon - Cookies and Cream - Red Velvet- White Cake

Freshly Baked to Perfection

Made with the finest ingredients, our delicious mini cakes make great appetizers, not just on special events and holidays, but all the time! This confectionary masterpiece is freshly baked to make sure they are served with oozing goodness. If the items are not sold within 4 days, we take them immediately out of our store.

Mini Cakes for Chocolate Lovers

Take your pick from our delightful selection!

Each bag contains 12 cakes, for only $8. 

Our Menu includes:

• Chocolate Cake Dipped in Dark or White Chocolate with Chocolate Sprinkles
• Red Velvet Cake Dipped in Dark Chocolate with Red Sprinkles
• Carrot Cake Dipped in White Chocolate with Orange Sprinkles
• White Cake Dipped in Dark Chocolate with White Sprinkles
• Cookies and Cream Dark Chocolate Cake Dipped in White Chocolate with Cookies and Cream with Chocolate Sprinkles
• Lemon Cake Dipped in White Chocolate with Yellow Sprinkles 
• Mixed bags are also available. Bakers choice of the mix of mini cakes
White Cake yum yum. White cake Dipped in dark chocolate with white sprinkles

*Caramel Graham cookie dipped in Dark Chocolate $8 for a bag of six

*Coconut Rounds are coconut round dipped in dark chocolate for a box of 6 $8

* Square Caramels dipped in dark chocolate sprinkled with sea salt $8 for a box of 14 pieces